2013 In the Studio Lab

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This year saw a lot of change for us.


Starting in April, I took on a full time gig over at Hewlett Packard, working on their HP Flow CM solution. We released a few iOS and Android apps for clients (more info on this later) and have started on a few more. I’ve invested in some small things with hopefully large ROI. And finally, I finished my first semester teaching over at Boise State University teaching mobile application development on the Android platform. Next semester will be taught using iOS, which I’m looking forward to.

Ana has continued her Water Engineering job with much success, working on plants all over Boise and the surrounding cities and Twin Falls.

As an engineering family, we got a lot done, a lot of projects completed and were rewarded for all that effort by being able to crush the final student loan debt I’ve been putting off paying, and investing in new opportunities.


This year we finished up a month-long trip to Florida and Colombia. We also made it to New Jersey, New York City, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. We’ve put hundreds of miles of hiking and walking under our belt, but not as many rock climbing routes as we would have liked. However, we put up a bouldering cave in our garage to help.


The bouldering cave that we built in our garage turned out better than we could have imagined. We still need to buy some more holds to set up different routes, but it’s been a blast setting up routes for ourselves and friends’ kids that visit.

We also bought a house that was only two years old, but we’ve still a lot of time into making it home.

I’ve done a lot of work on my bike with the help of my friend Nick who runs a motorcycle parts company, near Boise. I helped him put the site together and he’s helped keep my bike maintained.


Overall, teaching has been the best opportunity. While it paid a little bit in money, it paid a ton in satisfaction of knowing I’ve made a difference in the lives of the 28 students that I had for Fall Semester of 2013; some more so than others of course. I look forward to improving the teaching of mobile apps to students and can’t wait to see their apps popping up on the app store.

The rock climbing gym should allow us to stay better trained to continue climbing the 5.10b’s that we’re able to climb at places like Smith Rock and City of Rocks.

Now that Matyas is a bit older, we can hopefully travel more, like we use to before he was born, although traveling with him to South America when he was 1 month wasn’t a bad trip.

Rock Climbing Smith Rock

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We traveled to Smith Rock State Park in Oregon to do some rock climbing. They have some great sport routes for all abilities. We had a ton of fun and would recommend it to all climbers.


Koh Laoliang, Thailand

December 18, 2011 · Posted in rock climbing, travel · Comment 

As part of our trip to Thailand, we stayed on a small island for 3 full days. They had rock climbing, snorkeling, kayaking and lots of relaxation. We did a lot of rock climbing in the afternoons since it was too hot to climb during the day. Probably the most memorable part of the trip.

Railay Beach, Thailand

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As part of our much belated honeymoon, we ventured to Thailand with two goals in mind: rock climbing and scuba.

The first night we were there, we found a tiny rock climbing shop down from our hotel, the Haleeva (which I’d recommend, though a bit up from the beach, but we didn’t care). They took us on their boat to Railay Beach, a peninsula accessible only by  boat since the top is bordered by large mountains. We climbed for the first half of the day, ate lunch on the beach with two girls from Germany (we met so many Germans on this trip) that we met rock climbing and walked over to West Railay Beach where it was filled with people enjoying the beach.

Our goal however was to find a cave that was recommended to us. A bit of a ways up the beach, we found more rock climbers and eventually found a cave with fixed ropes and ladders inside. A flashlight was definitely needed (one was lent to us by a local climbing shop) as we traversed back and up inside this cave. It eventually came out 50 feet above the rock climbers we had previously encountered with a gorgeous view of one of the beaches.


City of Rocks

June 6, 2011 · Posted in news, personal, photos, travel · Comment 

We visited the City of Rocks National Reserve in southern Idaho and camped there for two days. We also got our first real rock climbing experience.

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