Mobile App Portfolio

Below are the mobile applications and frameworks that I’ve been the principle developer on. There are many more that I either worked on with larger teams, managed or helped create but these are my creations (although often times designers were involved for UI and graphics).

  1. BarNinja iOS
  2. Wakeboard game iOS
  3. Wakeboard game Android
  4. Tazewell iOS
  5. Tazewell Android
  6. Unprinted (iPad)
  7. Plaid Avenger (iPad)
  8. Discover NRV Android
  9. Discover NRV iOS
  10. Pulaski iOS
  11. Pulaski Android
  12. Net Ping iOS
  13. Build A Module iOS
  14. Build A Module Android
  15. Shoplift iPad
  16. NetRef – Wi-Fi Router Reference iOS
  17. Boise’s Most Wanted
  18. Numerology Android
  19. Numerology iOS
  20. Be A Bronco iPad
  21. Crystal Geyser Water AWS 2D Game iOS
  22. Crystal Geyser Water AWS 2D Game Android
  23. Lamb Weston Quality Assurance App iPad
  24. Crystal Geyser Water Power of Nature 3D Game iOS
  25. Crystal Geyser Water Power of Nature 3D Game Android
  26. Mt Blanc 3D Game iOS
  27. Mt Blanc 3D Game Android
  28. Ada County Highway District Reporter iOS
  29. Ada County Highway District Reporter Android
  30. Pioneer Title Company iOS
  31. Pioneer Title Company Android
  32. Aerion Sales Brochure iPad
  33. Locate Express iOS
  34. ClickBank Ad Framework iOS
  35. ClickBank Ad Framework Android
  36. RentItEZ iOS
  37. HHMI BioInteractive Short Films iPad
  38. Foundrop iOS
  39. Foundrop Android
  40. DMTI Fraction Blast iOS
  41. DMTI Fraction Blast Android
  42. Fire Weather and Avalanche Center Android
  43. Talloo iOS
  44. Talloo Android

Additional details coming soon…