Home Improvement

My dad came to help with some of the things I wanted to do around my apartment. When I bought the place, it was ALL white. So I decided to paint the living room (since that’s the place most people see) and my bedroom. Then I decided to put tile down instead of the linoleum fake-tile that was down there, ugh. Then, I decided to put tile on the backsplash. Then I deciding that would be enough money spent for a while so I stopped deciding things there. Here’s what we had:



Backsplash First

We first started on the backsplash. The tile is almost a salmon color and the grout is an almond color.



Paint Second

Because the area we needed to paint infringed on the kitchen and we needed to put tile down on the kitchen floor, we started painting first so we wouldn’t have to step on the tile while they set.


Paint is done Kitchen is done

White accent We left the corners white for the molding


Floor Tile Last

And finally we put down the floor tile and grouted that.

Hardie board down first Tile without grout

More tile without grout

Then we grouted the tile:



We still need to do some finishing touches on the place, like the ceiling molding, window trim, some more painting, etc. I’ll make another post of pictures of the place fully finished so you all can see how what we did improved the look of it. Of course a huge thanks goes out to my dad because I made him do most of the work. Also thanks to my roommate who helped out where he could (Igazán köszönöm szépen!).