Photos of the Week: Faces in Places

October 20, 2010 · Posted in art, photography, photos, photos of the week, projects · Comment 

We went to a Latino Festival in Roanoke, which was filled with Colombians. The food was great, the people were interesting and the displays were very beautiful. We met a mother from Colombia whose little girl dress in the traditional dress from Antioquia, the state that Ana is from. Then two Colombian girls danced a traditional dance from the coast area of the country.

The next two photos are of ours and a friend’s dog on our recent hike to McAfee Knob.



Colombian Dance Team

Colombian Dance Team





Photos of the Week – Food

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Took some simple snap shots for this week’s topic. We made some pumpkin pancakes and Ana made some edible cake decorations for a friend’s birthday cake. They’re absolutely adorable.

Photos of the Week – Pets

September 16, 2010 · Posted in personal, photography, photos, photos of the week, travel · Comment 

Ana, Kiara and I went to Grayson Highlands recently for a few days of camping and hiking. It was awesome.

Photos of the Week: Living Things

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We got a new puppy this past weekend. We finally decided on naming her Kiara. Her shelter name was Lupe, but we wanted something that we picked out since she was going to be our dog. Ana checked out all the shelters,, Craig’s List and everywhere else she could think of online. We had actually went to the Franklin County Humane Society looking for another dog that Ana saw, but she had been adopted that previous weekend.

Instead, we found Kiara in a cage outside, scared to death of the other barking dogs around her. She wouldn’t even come out, but instead cowered into the corner. Ana climbed into the cage and Kiara instantly cuddled up to her. Kiara had actually been returned to the shelter two days before by a women with health problems who couldn’t handle the activeness of a collie puppy. Real intelligent. She was also infested with thousands of ticks, which the humane society had over looked because of her fluffy hair, the fact that the vet was on vacation and that she had only been there for two days.

But she’s adjusting well and Ana has already begun training her in various things and taking her on long walks.

Photos of the Week – Motion and Speed

July 26, 2010 · Posted in photography, photos, photos of the week, projects · Comment 

While I took a lot of photos this week, since we have a deadline fast approaching I didn’t have time to specifically take photos for this theme, so the last one is a bit of a stretch. But, in the very least, they’re still photos of the week. Enjoy!

Here’s Sam’s submission.

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