Colombia – Ana’s House

We arrived in Medellín a little after 3PM. My friend who lives in Northern Virginia gave us a ride to the Baltimore airport at 2 in the morning, even though he had to work the next day, so we bought him a bottle of 12 year old rum from Medellín named Ron Medellin.

We mostly stayed at her house that day and relaxed after the long trip. We unpacked four suitcases, three of which were gifts for her family and relatives. After all that unpacking was done, we consolidated all of our stuff into one suitcase. Gustavo, her god son, got to play with his Geo-Trax trail set that we set up for him. The engine has a remote control that allows it to go forward and in reverse. He absolutely loved it and the expansion we got for it that allows him to have a longer track and also gave him the ability to switch tracks.

Ana’s brothers and sister have five dogs, but luckily a nice big yard for them to run around in. Bruna, the big chocolate lab is Ana’s and of course her favorite. Hope you enjoy the photos below:

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