My Friends Are Awesome

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes on my birthday. It’s always great to see how many people care enough to take some time out to wish me a happy birthday. Even for those who didn’t, I totally understand, I almost forget my own birthday some years so no worries!! For my appreciation, I wanted to put all the wishes in one place:

Facebook Wall Messages:

May u have all the great things you hope for this yr, and a fun filled day!



happy birthday mikey! – Jami A.

happy birthday! – Kate L.

happy birthday dude! – Jeremy F.

Happy Birthday man!!!…hope everything is going well with you. – Devin S.

Happy birthday! 🙂 – Misono Y.

Happy Birthday Mike!!! Hope it was a good one!!! – Kristin K.

Facebook Card from Tünde B.


Card from Jess G. and Ryan C:

Cover: “You probably think you’re somebody special just because you’re having a birthday.”

Inside: “Well, you’d be somebody special even if you weren’t having a birthday!”

Signed: “Wow – 25 already! It seems like just yesterday we were freshmen in Highschool, and now we are all grown up! We have had a lot of fun over the years and even tho you live like 40 hours away, we better keep in touch forever! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday.”

Card from László, Anita, Jan and Julia:

Cover: “Two pieces of birthday advice: 1) Forget about the past. You can’t change it.”

Inside: “2) Forget about the present. I didn’t get you one.”

Signed: “Boldog születésnapot! Happy Birthday Miska!”, “Hey Mike, Happy Birthday, -Jan”, “Hope your B Day is awesome! <3 Anita”

Text Messages:

“Hey ya,happy birthday! I hope you’re having a great time on vacation. See you soon!” – Julia B.

“Hey Mike! Happy Birthday!” – Jerry

“Happy bday fool you better be drinkin sum juice!” – Bruce B. (Inside joke)

So, thanks again to all my awesome friends, I love you! For everyone else, if I know you’re my friend no worries. If you’re not my friend, you must be a bad person because I like everyone, except you apparently!