More Condo Delays

So by now, I figured things would be getting back to normal. My condo closing was pushed back yet again to around the 17th. If you didn’t already know, I started with this purchase back in April. It is now July and I still don’t have a permanent place. I moved out of my Berryfield apartment on the 30th, did my laundry there for the last time and totally moved out. It was a good feeling. Even though I had lived there for four years, it was nice to move on. We shall see what the next four years brings.

The only good thing about living in this temporary condo, is that I am here rent and utility free. That means all my paychecks go into my pocket (and then out again to pay off the loans), but it will help me save up some money before I have these high mortgage payments to pay off.

As soon as I can get a stable internet connection and get settled in, I’m going to start posting a daily, or semi daily photo to this blog so that people can see some of my photography without being overwhelmed by my large galleries. So look forward to that.