Temporary Apartment

I was suppose to close on my new property on June 15, but the builders were lazy and inefficient– go figure. So from now until I can actually close on my real place, which is July 6th, I’ll be staying in another unit a few buildings down.

It’s actually a three bedroom handicap unit, so the bathroom is huge and it’s on the first floor. It’s a collegiate model however, so the kitchen is small and closed. Mine, when finished, will have a open kitchen with a bar. This place has a kitchen shaped like a ‘U’, with white appliances and a tannish counter top. Mine will have black appliances and a black marble counter top.

So I have from now until June 30th to move to my temporary place. Then I will be moving a week later a few buildings down. The only thing this is costing me is convenience. Only problem is, I have a wedding to shoot on the 30th, so this is the last weekend I have to move out. Oh well, it will soon be over I suppose.