New Blog

Since getting back from Hungary, I decided to create a new blog since the other one was so popular. This one won’t be updated as regularly, but will let people know what is going on with me, where I am, what photos I’ve taken lately, and other fun and interesting things I find along the way to share.

Right now I’m at Virginia Tech again for one more semester. I have my classes set up and are as follows:

* Computer Science 3304 Comparative Languages
* Computer Science 4204 Computer Graphics
* Computer Science 4104 Data and Algorithm Analysis
* Computer Science 3604 Professionalism in Computing
* Computer Science 4214 Simulation and Modeling

I’m a geek I know, but they are mostly all fun classes. It’s really nice not having any stupid math classes or any other classes that don’t interest me. Maybe I’ll even get on the Dean’s List this semester.

I got a new phone number so just make sure if you had the old one, to delete that.

Not much to mention otherwise. Europe was great and I had the time of my life but right now I have to finish up with school once and for all and get a real job. I did compile all of my photos (only the good ones) into a few albums for my and your enjoyment, so please enjoy

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