Photos of the Week (4/12)

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Trying something slightly different with this week’s photos. I usually take a ton of photos, but I don’t put them all in my gallery. So instead of posting just the gallery photos, I’ll post photos that aren’t always as good as the gallery images, but pretty good nonetheless. This will allow me to keep posting photos every week, but also let you see some of the other photos I don’t post anywhere else.

1/2 sec @ f/16.0 w/ 29mm

Dance Practice
1/2 sec @ f/16.0 w/ 29mm


Virginia Tech Street Fair/March of Nations<br />1/250 sec @ f/10 w/ 18mm

March of Nations
Virginia Tech Street Fair/March of Nations
1/250 sec @ f/10 w/ 18mm


Virgina Tech Street Fair/March of Nations<br />1/250 sec @ f/9.0 w/ 46mm

Blacksburg, VA - Virgina Tech Street Fair
1/250 sec @ f/9.0 w/ 46mm

Blackburg, VA - Virginia Tech International Street Fair<br />1/200 sec @ f/5.0 w/ 50mm

Blackburg, VA - Virginia Tech International Street Fair
1/200 sec @ f/5.0 w/ 50mm


<b>Mana</b><br />Blacksburg, VA - International Street Fair<br />1/125 sec f/7.1 w/ 250mm

Blacksburg, VA - International Street Fair
1/125 sec f/7.1 w/ 250mm

International Street Fair 2009

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This was the first time in two years that the Virginia Tech Street Fair was held out doors. Coincidentally, that is also the last time we danced.

Our booth this year was right next to the stage, so we had no problem with people coming by our booth. There was also no shortage of people at the fair, so it really didn’t matter except we got to watch all the performances without leaving the comfort of our booth and our food.

The best dances were the Persian dance with my friends Rana, Elika and Mana and the Indian dance, which won first prize in a competition in Washington D.C. Elika danced in our dance as well so you can see from the photos below that she’s dressed in traditional Hungarian attire. Also, my other Persian friend Golnaz is wearing a blouse that is strikingly similar to a Hungarian blouse, but she assures me its Persian. Glad to see the Kingdom of Hungary’s influence on the Persian Empire.

After the street fair, the Persians and the Hungarians had an awesome after party at my place. We purchased $150 worth of alcohol and people brought even more. Vintage Cellar was closed or else it would have been more!