More Photos of Petunia

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Claytor Lake – Summer 2009

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First Dive in Key Largo, Florida

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Ana, her sister Elena, Laszlo and I took a long weekend and went down to Florida to visit my friend Scott and do some scuba diving in the Keys. Below are the photos from our first dive. Read more

What’s Wrong with this Scuba Diver?

July 31, 2009 · Posted in advice, photos, scuba · 3 Comments 

The diver in the photo below just cracked me up when I saw him. At first I only noticed his backup regulator hanging down and for the fact that he was almost literally walking on the sea floor. So, I took this snap shot and only later noticed that his tank strap is not secured either.

Bad Scuba Diver

The first thing you will notice about really bad scuba divers is loose gear flopping about. Not only does it look ridiculous, it’s also dangerous when they need to reach for their backup regulator and realize it’s floating behind them somewhere. Also, the back up regulator is suppose to be attached somewhere on the divers chest, so that if the dive buddy requires help, they can find and grab the other diver’s backup, unless of course it’s floating behind your dive buddy somewhere. In other words, don’t be this guy’s dive buddy.

Finally, don’t walk on the ocean floor. Not only is it bad style, it’s destructive and just plain stupid.

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