About Mike

Mike ZirayI’m Colombian by marriage, German by tongue, Hungarian by blood and I grew up in New Jersey. I speak Spanish, German and Hungarian.

I recently moved to Boise, ID because my wife was offered a great job and the tech community here is great.. My wife and I went to school, met and got married in Blacksburg, Virginia, home of Virginia Tech. I have also lived in Budapest, Hungary and in a small town in New Jersey.

We have a beautiful baby boy, Matyas who is teaching me more about life that I could ever learn on my own.


I mostly make software for mobile devices and also teach mobile development. One of my LLCs is Z Studio Labs.

For fun, I rock climb and scuba dive.


My past includes working in Higher Education Sales at Apple Inc. for New River Valley colleges (Virginia Tech and Radford), owner of a Mac software company, state ranked sabre fencer, a New Media Consultant at Virginia Tech and I have quite a few years of video production experience.

Trying to Fit Life into a Lifetime

So, hopefully you find something useful in these pages. So, that’s just a little bit about me. If you’re more curious than that, you know how to contact me!

Check out the previous posts to get a better idea of what I do!