Medellín Colombia

Ana took me to downtown Medellín via the metro. It’s a lot different than from where she lives up in the hills of Envigado. Since it was right before Christmas, the crowds were terrible. She and her sister went around to a small place that had eight different shoe stores all right next to each other, no exaggeration.

After about two hours later (you know women) we took the metro further north to where the botanical gardens are. Admission is free, so it’s more like a city park but they have different places where they grown different types of plants. It was really nice and well maintained. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the city.

I also got to try sugar cane juice, which is amazing. They take the sugar cane stalks and put it through a press, not unlike a cloths wringer, and juice just pours out of these things. They’re also amazing to eat but are a little stringy to enjoy all the time like that.

We also visited a ton of malls over the next few days. I was looking for some shorts to wear in the coast area where we were going scuba diving. Cloths in Colombia are magnitudes more stylish than cloths in the states. South Americans mainly prefer styles from Europe but you can find a few brands from the U.S. as well. I think I got to see almost all the malls in Medellin, of which, there are quite a few.

The photos below are from after we arrived until right before Christmas. Enjoy!

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