Bike Training with the Garmin Edge 705 GPS

July 14, 2008 · Posted in advice, biking, personal, projects 

Recently I bought the Garmin Edge 705 to track my training. I wanted a GPS unit that I could use running, cycling and also in my car. The 705 is slightly larger than a cellphone and is extremely light (less than a cellphone). It mounts to the handlebars of your bike or you can purchase a car kit to mount it there as well.

My model came with a heart monitor and speed/cadence sensor, which can also track speed at the wheel (as opposed to by GPS). Along with these accessories, the Edge 705 provides a treasure trove of fascinating data. You can then upload that data to Garmin’s own website that keeps all of this information for you. Check out a bike run I recently completed:

Garmin also purchased MotionBase, which has more features and better and richer reports. Check out another bike run I made viewed through MotionBase.

There are a few other websites that you can upload your GPS data. If you have your own favorite, let me know since both of the ones I’ve mentioned are a bit lacking for my taste.

To keep everyone updated, I found this WordPress Plugin that will allow me to show my own GPS data right here. If you’re interested, it takes many GPS file formats and turns them into a Google Map with some basic elevation information. It’ll also be a place to keep all my bike routes in case anyone wants to recreate them.

Download the GPX File for your own device