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The past few months have been one great thing after another. I got the opportunity to spend New Year’s Day in Colombia, which is better than any fourth of July celebration in any American city. In the US, where there’s …

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If you have a library card to the local Blacksburg library, across the street from Rocket Music and the police station, you can access a pretty good online tutor called Mango Languages. Just search for Mango on this page. Both …

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Ana, Kiara and I went to Grayson Highlands recently for a few days of camping and hiking. It was awesome.

I’ve been crazy busy ever since we returned from Colombia. We fell back into life in the US at full sprint and have only had a few periods since where we could rest. As a result, I don’t think I’ve …

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Time in: 14:34 Time out: 15:16 Max depth: 51 feet Avg. depth: 37 feet This was the second dive on Bushnell. Our dive boat was so tiny that it only held one tank per diver, so a support boat had …

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