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As part of our much belated honeymoon, we ventured to Thailand with two goals in mind: rock climbing and scuba. The first night we were there, we found a tiny rock climbing shop down from our hotel, the Haleeva¬†(which I’d …

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We visited the City of Rocks National Reserve in southern Idaho and camped there for two days. We also got our first real rock climbing experience. City of Rocks

The past few months have been one great thing after another. I got the opportunity to spend New Year’s Day in Colombia, which is better than any fourth of July celebration in any American city. In the US, where there’s …

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We went to a Latino Festival in Roanoke, which was filled with Colombians. The food was great, the people were interesting and the displays were very beautiful. We met a mother from Colombia whose little girl dress in the traditional …

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Took some simple snap shots for this week’s topic. We made some pumpkin pancakes and Ana made some edible cake decorations for a friend’s birthday cake. They’re absolutely adorable.

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