Japanese car manufacturers are now collaborating on an effort to produce a universal operating system and interface for their cars. This will allow devices to easily work with any Japanese car, no matter the make.

As the Japaese innovate in terms of Hybrid Electric cars, fuel efficiency and durable cars, American car manufacturers still seem stuck on the idea of making huge, crappy cars that no one wants.

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I’m sure many of you are wondering what I’ve been working on at my real job. I’ve told a few people with little to no understanding on their part due to the fact that the games are so different from what the names imply. Well, I did some searching online and found images of the games.

Monopoly Express

Sorry Express

Operation Rescue Kit

I am 95% done coding Monopoly and Sorry. I am now waiting on the designers to get me the rest of the assets (such as the animations and graphics) so I can complete and polish the product before we give it off to be shown to the world.

These games have been announced a while ago so I’m ok in talking about them. We are always getting in new products that are pre-release. The companies that send them to us don’t want us showing them off before they have announced them, so sometimes I can’t really talk about it. It’s kind of like working for Apple again where we would sometimes get marketing information a few days prior to Apple announcing promotions and we were suppose to keep it to ourselves until they officially announced it.

Our office looks like a day care center sometimes with all these toys on people’s desk. It’s a lot of fun to see what the next toy we get in will be. It’s kind of like that movie “Big” where Tom Hanks’ character gets a job as a toy tester.

So by now, I figured things would be getting back to normal. My condo closing was pushed back yet again to around the 17th. If you didn’t already know, I started with this purchase back in April. It is now July and I still don’t have a permanent place. I moved out of my Berryfield apartment on the 30th, did my laundry there for the last time and totally moved out. It was a good feeling. Even though I had lived there for four years, it was nice to move on. We shall see what the next four years brings.

The only good thing about living in this temporary condo, is that I am here rent and utility free. That means all my paychecks go into my pocket (and then out again to pay off the loans), but it will help me save up some money before I have these high mortgage payments to pay off.

As soon as I can get a stable internet connection and get settled in, I’m going to start posting a daily, or semi daily photo to this blog so that people can see some of my photography without being overwhelmed by my large galleries. So look forward to that.

I was suppose to close on my new property on June 15, but the builders were lazy and inefficient– go figure. So from now until I can actually close on my real place, which is July 6th, I’ll be staying in another unit a few buildings down.

It’s actually a three bedroom handicap unit, so the bathroom is huge and it’s on the first floor. It’s a collegiate model however, so the kitchen is small and closed. Mine, when finished, will have a open kitchen with a bar. This place has a kitchen shaped like a ‘U’, with white appliances and a tannish counter top. Mine will have black appliances and a black marble counter top.

So I have from now until June 30th to move to my temporary place. Then I will be moving a week later a few buildings down. The only thing this is costing me is convenience. Only problem is, I have a wedding to shoot on the 30th, so this is the last weekend I have to move out. Oh well, it will soon be over I suppose.

Well, one reason among many, I suppose:

Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health

Cell damage, altering DNA? I’ll stick with my Brita.