Last week, Ana and I found out we’re having a baby boy. We’re expecting the little guy November 29; just an early Christmas present to both of us.

The baby is healthy, within the 75% percentile for growth (which might just mean they’re 2 days or so behind the estimate) and moving all around inside Ana. This week was also the first week she definitively felt the little guy moving around. We found out her placenta is just on the other side of the tummy, so the extra padding makes it hard to feel the baby.


Ana doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant one bit. No one believes us when we tell them, but she hides it well anyway. She’s definitely feeling the pregnancy though but we’re still rock climbing, camping and other things to try to stay active. Rock climbing is of course perfectly safe and falls are limited to a only a foot or two on a nice stretchy rope. Plus Ana bought a full body harness instead of the one that wraps around the waist.


20 Week Ultrasound Video 1

20 Week Ultrasound Video 2

20 Week Ultrasound Video 3

20 Week Ultrasound Video 4


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Ultrasound video 1 – 7 Weeks


Ultrasound video 2 – 7 Weeks


Ultrasound video 3 – 7 Weeks




We traveled to Smith Rock State Park in Oregon to do some rock climbing. They have some great sport routes for all abilities. We had a ton of fun and would recommend it to all climbers.


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So I had one of those late night ideas for an app after seeing this site: Boise Area’s Most Wanted. I thought that would make a great app because who’s going to sit there and remember all those faces and names. However, if it’s on your mobile device, you can quickly look up that seemingly familiar face you see walking around the Boise area. Of course, this wouldn’t be so that one can play vigilante, but instead be a way for common citizens to be more aware while they’re out and about and call the police if they see one of these characters.

Anyway, since I figured it wouldn’t be too hard, I took about two hours while I was in a chat-based meeting with a few of my developers, and threw together this app that scrapes the HTML for the website and compiles it into a native iPhone app:

Boise Most Wanted iPhone App

It’s all dynamic and pretty cool, although not very pretty. But what do you want from 2 hours of work?

I’ll probably release this on the app store after a bit more polish and maybe a big “Call Crime Stoppers” button that tells your iPhone to dial the hotline to report your sighting.

Other ideas:

  • Display bounty information – Some of these suspects have bonds as large as 10s of thousands of dollars!
  • Have a separate listing for the Arrested section. Because don’t you feel all warm in fuzzy when you see direct results of the police force’s hard work?
  • Aggregate the daily incident reports for easy reading on your phone.

What are some other ideas to add to this app?

Would you think this app would be useful to the general population of Boise and surrounding areas?

Do officers even have iPhones?

This was just one of those ideas that seemed like a good idea at the time, but I need honest feedback if I should continue development on it. So, let me know what you all think in the comments below!

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