Check out a piece of software I recently reviewed:

TechTool Protogo

We are still working on Operation Rescue Kit and Pictureka. Monopoly and Sorry Express versions are finally complete.

My favorite is Monopoly. Let me know which one you like the best!

Monopoly Express

Sorry Express


Operation Rescue

All of these games have been announced and are available to buy so if you like them, go buy them!

Check out the rest of the online demos at and see some other demos we’ve done.

LA Times Article

Our society is caught up with TV watching, Internet surfing, and other lame forms of entertainment. From this article:

“And civilization’s assault on the stars has consequences far beyond its impact on astronomers. Excessive, poorly designed outdoor lighting wastes electricity, imperils human health and safety, disturbs natural habitats, and, increasingly, deprives many of us of a direct relationship with the nighttime sky, which throughout human history has been a powerful source of reflection, inspiration, discovery, and plain old jaw-dropping wonder.”

Read the article here.

It is 50% of our day, that’s why you should care.

After waiting 2.5 months for them to finish my condo, I am finally moved in to where I am suppose to be. I was originally suppose to close on the property on June 15. Here we are, August 27, and I have still closed on it. But as with the old place, this is rent and utility free until such a date.

I made an appointment with Comcast to come by but there wasn’t a cable outlet anywhere in the apartment. Apparently someone got overzealous with the spackle and covered up the hole. So now I have to wait until labor day to get service.

Here are some photos of the new condo:

More photos to come…