Received this on the German Listserv and thought I would share:

Dear German speaking Hokies,

My name is Stefanie Georgakis and I am writing on behalf of theFrench Club (Cercle Francophone) here at Tech.  Our graduatingseniors have decided that they, in coordination with the student bodyand the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, would liketo find a respectful way to honor the memories of Jamie Bishop and Jocelyne Couture-Nowak.  We would really love to have the input,support, and participation from anyone interested in the German orFrench programs, as we feel this is a project that is collective andshould be shared by all.  Some of us have proposed trying to raisethe money to plant one or two trees, and maybe placing a benchsomewhere on campus, along with a plaque, so that these wonderfulprofessors can be remembered by all.  We would particularly love tocollaborate with some German students whose lives have been touchedby Herr Bishop, so that both of these two inspirational individualscan be justly memorialized.

I know it is extremely close to the end of the semester, but our goalis to get this project in the works now, so that it may be finishedby early autumn.  If you are interested in making a donation (anyamount is greatly appreciated) or of simply giving your input to helpus decide the best way to honor Herr Bishop and Madame Couture-Nowak,please reply with inquiries or comments  Any individual who is interested will beasked to fill out a brief survey so that we can get memorial ideasand get a sense of what everyone thinks is the best way to go aboutthis!  Any additional money that exceeds the needs of the projectwill be divided in half and donated to the Jamie Bishop ScholarshipFund and the Jocelyne Couture-Nowak Scholarship Fund.  We believethat this is a wonderful way to remember these two individuals whohave inspired and touched the lives of so many.

Thank you,
Stefanie Georgakis
Historian, Cercle Francophone
Virginia Tech Class of ’08

I’m on Twitter if any one else has it. If you don’t know what Twitter is, it’s ok, it’s not important. I’m using it to follow people who I think have something interesting to say.

I have installed a new photo blog on this website. It’s going to be a place that I can throw up random photos every now and then without feeling the need to keep it clean, good and professional as my other photo gallery is.

So hopefully this will be a place that I can put photos up that I wouldn’t otherwise post.

It has an RSS and ATOM feed so make sure you subscribe to it.

Here’s the link.


Pretty self explanatory:

CNN Money Website

Just some randomness I found interesting from today. If anything, the cute cat video is worth checking out.

From Jason Calacanis who runs

37Signals’s (who know how to run an effective online company IMO) retort to Calacanis’s post:

On browser standards compliance, the Acid3 test has been recently released and all the major browsers have been tested:

It’s no surprise to anyone that IE is at the bottom of the list, but what’s funny is MS declared that IE 8, which is not even due out yet, *might* pass the Acid2 test, which has been out for almost 2 years now. As for the Acid3 test, it only scored 17%. What’s even funnier is that IE 5.5 beats 6 and 7, which would show the trend of IE getting worse on web standards, were it not for IE 8’s better showing (but not by much).

If you’re not familiar with the Acid tests, Wikipedia has you covered:

And while not a tech update, unless they start making feline robots that are as funny as the real things ( sound required), I felt this was probably interesting as well as true, only because I found it on the internet: